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Club Permit Scheme 2015.
The Club Permit Scheme places obligations on LCV and the Club is required to sign an agreement with VicRoads that it will meet it’s obligations. The Scheme places obligations on permit holders. VicRoads has the right to revoke the Club’s approval for the purposes of the scheme or to suspend or cancel a permit if the permit holder fails to comply with the permit conditions. We encourage both first time applicants for Club Permits and current permit holders to read and familiarise themselves with the documents relating to the Scheme on the VicRoads website.

Renewals of existing permits
Renewing permit holders must complete the VicRoads Renewal Notice and forward it to the Permit Secretary at the Club’s postal address together with a stamped self addressed envelope for return of the application. Note that if the permit expires and is not renewed within 90 days of expiry a new permit application will need to be submitted.

First applications for light motor vehicles built after 31 December 1948 but more than 25 years old.
This is the CPS category of vehicle most commonly in the Club and found in the LCV CPS database.
First time applicants must:-

  1. Obtain a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) for each vehicle for which a Permit is sought. This includes persons wishing to move their vehicle from full registration to the Club Permit Scheme.
  2. Complete a VicRoads Club Permit Application Form and a Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration Form  as well as a LCV Club Permit Application Form.
  3. Obtain dated photographs of the vehicle(s) including:
    • images of the front,
    • driver’s side,
    • rear,
    • driving position (side on, and if the vehicle has doors, with driver’s door open)
    • where possible identifiers such as chassis number and engine number.
    • If the photographs are not dated, a letter confirming the date on which the photographs were taken must be included with the application The Club reserves the right to ask a Member to present their vehicle for inspection by one of the signatories so that its eligibility under the Scheme can be validated.
  4. If the vehicle(s) is modified the applicant must advise the LCV signatory of those modifications and advise whether they meet the requirements of Vicroads’ Guide to Modifications for Motor Vehicles (Vehicle Standards Information No 8) andVicroads’ Guidelines for modifications to vehicles operated under Victoria’s Club Permit Scheme (Vehicle Standards Information No 33).If the vehicle(s) is modified outside these Standards/Guidelines a Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) approval certificate must be provided.
  5. A copy of the RWC (if applicable), the VicRoads Application Forms, together with photographs of the car and a completed LCV Club Permit Application are to be forwarded to the Permit Secretary at the Club’s postal address together with a stamped self addressed envelope for return of the application.

NOTE: The Club reserves the right to sight the original of the RWC to validate its authenticity before signing the member’s VicRoads Application Form.

The applicant is responsible to submit the required documentation and relevant payments to VicRoads.

LCV Authorised Signatories
There are two authorised signatories for Club Permit Applications/Renewals – The Permit Secretary is the primary signatory and the Vice President is the back-up signatory.

Replica vehicles
Members should note that definitions of replica vehicles are still to be developed by VicRoads. Pending finalisation and publication of these definitions the Club will take a conservative view regarding the eligibility of vehicles presented as replicas.